A tribute to Canadian women here in Peterborough County.  
An acknowledgement of strength, leadership, power and energy.

The vision of the Women’s Expo Peterborough is to support and engage businesses in making the Peterborough area a vibrant and diverse community. With that in mind, we have brought an annual fall trade show to Peterborough, which we aim to make bigger and better each year. It is our belief that this trade show will benefit both the citizens and business owners of Peterborough and the surrounding area, not only by bringing together potential customers and products but by also providing an enjoyable event for all ages, and by bringing in exhibitors and people from the local area to experience all that the area has to offer. 

The Women’s Expo Peterborough is hosting its first annual event.   The Expo will attract thousands of women & men who are looking to see what each business owner has to offer for products and services. Attendees come from a broad spectrum of ethnic, social and economic backgrounds with an interest in learning, experiencing, trying and buying products and services.  

   Peterborough’s Women's Expo came to life when 3 women, Shari Pearce, Audrey McDonald     and Linda Gratton, set out to support women in the 'business & show' industry.  They have       created an event to help female business owners showcase their incredible entrepreneurial       spirit and their businesses.

   This is a one-day event gathering of  business women in Peterborough, the Women’s Expo        is the perfect opportunity to meet your next business partner or customer. Learn about new      products, services and businesses in your community while networking with friends and            professionals. 

  Join us for the first annual 1-day Women’s Business-to-Business Trade Show and      Networking Event in Peterborough.  Exhibitors will be featuring their products          and services allowing the public to learn, connect and purchase.  Submit an                exhibitor application by CLICKING HERE.  Limited exhibitor space.