What is The Annual Women’s Expo?

The Women’s Expo Peterborough is hosting its first annual event.   The Expo attracts thousands of women & men who are looking to see what each business owner has to offer for products and services. Attendees come from a broad spectrum of ethnic, social and economic backgrounds with an interest in learning, experiencing, trying and buying products and services.  Partnering with the Expo provides a tremendous cause marketing and communications platform, allowing sponsors to create awareness and visibility, as well as support their brand and communicate key messages.

Accordingly, sponsors will have the opportunity to:

    Provide information on the expo web site

    Educate attendees about the products or services

    Market products and services through expo social networks

    Create event sampling programs

    Build brand awareness

The Women’s Expo is the only comprehensive expo dedicated to small business women in the region, drawing women from around the surrounding area.  Ready to become a sponsor?  Call (855) 761-1866  to support a day exclusively for women.

Request Your Sponsorship Package

Sponsorship Levels

                                  Diamond Sponsor      $2500.00

                                  Ruby Sponsor             $ 1500.00

                                  Emerald Sponsor       $ 1000.00

                                  Moonstone Sponsor  $   500.00

                                  Friends of the Expo   $    100.00

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